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Voting locations and corresponding districts for Asbury

Dear Supporter,
Many people we’ve been talking to didn’t realize the voting districts in Asbury Park have changed. The Monmouth County board of elections anticipates significantly more voters to vote in this election than in previous ones, so you may not be able to vote in the place you usually go to.
Please check out the below map and if you haven’t already, make sure you:

  1. REGISTER TO VOTE as many supportive Asbury Park voters as possible before the deadline of October 18th.
  2. VOTE BY MAIL for those who know they will not be in town vote on Election Day.
  3. VOLUNTEER to help the campaign (reply to this email if you are interested in volunteering).

And especially be sure to vote on Election Day, Tuesday November 8th, 2016!
Thank you for your support.
Asbury Together – Amy Quinn, Yvonne Clayton, and Eileen Chapman

Paid for by Asbury Together, P.O. Box 552, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712

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