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Yvonne Clayton

6H6A4230I have served Asbury Park as a Council member since January 2015; it has been an honor and a privilege. Growing up on the southwest side I remember how Springwood Avenue was the lifeblood of the community, and revitalization of that corridor has become my priority. I worked with private donors to close the funding gap that prevented the park’s completion; now the Springwood Avenue Park is a reality. Following unsuccessful attempts to obtain grants for Renaissance Village, I helped build a partnership that corrected deficiencies in previous applications; the end result is an award of more than $7M for a project that will bring $20M to our community. The next focus will be ensuring the local workforce benefits from these projects.

As chair of the Quality of Life Committee, we partnered with the fire department to provide free smoke alarm replacements and installation. We sponsored citywide cleanups that brought different segments of the community together for a common goal. The committee has spearheaded many initiatives under the name “Pride in the Park” to emphasize Recycling, Beautification, Diversity, and Anti-Bullying.

I believe that with collaboration and creating an open environment, we can solve all of our problems.


  • Encourage development of privately owned properties on the west side.
  • It is important to create a safe community free of crime, discrimination and disrespect for person and property.
  • The city’s continued support of the Asbury Park school system and other services that enrich the lives of our children.
  • Support community organizations that provide assistance and security.

Asbury Park is my home, I love it and want to use my skills to make it a great place for all of its residents.

Community Organizations/Boards Served

  • Planning Board
  • Technical Review Committee
  • Springwood Avenue Redevelopment
  • Code/Quality of Life Committee
  • Mentor – CAN Ex-Offender Expungement Program

Personal Summary

A proud graduate of Asbury Park High School, I am also a graduate of Central State University, a former social worker, and an AT&T retiree, where I held several positions from Account Executive supporting Fortune 500 companies to Eastern Regional Sales Support Manager. In retirement, I managed a hair salon, appeared on a reality TV show — “Hair Trauma,” had a brief stint with Cirque du Soleil, and started a small business. I relocated to New York City after college graduation and returned home in 2011 after many years of weekending and summering here. My favorite leisure activities are relaxing at the beach, traveling, reading, and spending time with friends and family.