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Yvonne Clayton

I have served on the Asbury Park City Council since 2015.

I grew up a block from Springwood Avenue when it was the lifeblood of this community. I am proud to play an ongoing role in its revitalization.

I founded the Quality of Life Committee, which over 10 years has sponsored many initiatives such as blood drives, community festivals, rehabbing of group homes, smoke alarm giveaways, community gardens, and city-wide cleanups that bring different segments of the community together for a common goal.

A personal passion is preserving music history along the Springwood Avenue corridor through the Asbury Park African American Music Project. We do research, mapping, educational outreach, and for the last 3 summers hosted music fundraising events for restoration of the Turf Club, the last standing music venue on Springwood Avenue.

I am proud to be part of the Asbury Together team. Among many other things, we:

  • have renewed a sense of Asbury Park as one community with a shared future
  • have adopted some of the most progressive housing policies in the state and required set asides for affordable housing along with new construction
  • worked with Trenton to extend our Urban Enterprise Zone designation to help budding local businesses and businesses still recovering from the pandemic
  • partnered with CAN Ex-Offender Expungement Program to benefit over 300 individuals 
  • garnered resources to provide walk-in clinics for Covid testing and vaccination
  • partner with community organizations that provide assistance and security
  • support the Asbury Park school system in ways that enrich the lives of our children
  • are responding to increased flooding threats with long-range policies for sustainability
  • are seeking to expand businesses and services along the Springwood Ave corridor

Asbury Park is my home. I love it and want to use my skills to make it a great place for all of us to thrive.

I serve on the following Boards and Organizations:

  • Planning Board
  • Technical Review Committee
  • Quality of Life Committee
  • Asbury Park African American Music Project

Personal History

A proud graduate of Asbury Park High School, I am also a graduate of Central State University, a former social worker, and an AT&T retiree, where I held several positions from Account Executive supporting Fortune 500 companies to Eastern Regional Sales Support Manager. In retirement, I managed a hair salon, appeared on a reality TV show — “Hair Trauma,” had a brief stint with Cirque du Soleil, and started a small business.