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Quinn, Clayton, Chapman Announce Asbury Together Ticket for Asbury Park City Council on the first day of Women’s History Month

Experience, Engagement, Equity

March 1, 2024   ASBURY PARK, NJ 

Councilwoman Yvonne Clayton, Councilwoman Eileen Chapman, and Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn announced today that they will seek four-year terms this fall on the Asbury Park City Council. All three were previously elected in 2020 and will be running again as the Asbury Together ticket on November 5, 2024.

“I know that every day our beloved city faces one challenge or another,” said Reverend David J. Parreott, Jr., a former councilman who has supported every Asbury Together ticket since 2014. “I’m a witness to how this team shows up day after day, week after week, month after month, engaging with the public to get out ahead of problems and to make Asbury Park the best we can be. Their unyielding determination is how we got a huge infusion of funds for the boardwalk and Convention Hall. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.”

“We are grateful for the support,” said Deputy Mayor Quinn. “The council often faces big decisions with competing interests, sharply expressed opinions, and legal considerations to bear in mind. It’s a never ending tightrope to study the facts, bring all concerns to the table, and make sound policy as transparently as possible. This year many past supporters have reached out to confirm we are running. The answer is yes. Their confidence in us, that’s our reward.”

“Of course they take on problems,” said former School Board President Carritta Cook. “And look at the creative things they’ve done: zoning reform to allow Accessory Dwelling Units, major parks improvements and live music series, EZ Ride for Seniors, Urban Enterprise Zone funding for small businesses, converting the transportation center to a social services center, the participatory budget, identifying and helping preserve historic sites, the walk-in Covid testing and vaccination program, street safety initiatives, progressive housing policies, a new parking garage and firehouse, the list goes on. Quality of life isn’t just about solving problems. These three women go above and beyond to make our city better for all.”

“Thank you for noticing,” said Councilwoman Clayton in response to Ms. Cook. “The tough decisions we have to make get the most attention, but we’ve tried since day one to keep the long term wellbeing of our community constantly in mind, north, south, east and west. One priority for me has been Springwood Avenue, and I”m so proud to see it re-emerging as a vibrant corridor and key facet of the city’s energy and character. The three of us are committed to showing up every day to fight for what’s right so that our best days are yet to come.”

“This team’s responsive leadership is exceptional,” said downtown business owner and co-founder of Asbury Park Dinner Table Kathy Kelly. “They listen to what people say, prioritize local needs over outside pressures, deliberate cautiously, and act decisively. That’s how they steered through the pandemic, and how they’re responding now to threats arising from climate change with flood mitigation policies, enforcement of green building standards, and more. They deliver the kind of measured leadership we need around small concerns and major issues alike.”

“I appreciate Kathy’s remarks,” said Eileen Chapman. “We do listen, and respond. We don’t just show up in an election year, we share our emails and phone and host frequent “coffee with a councilperson” sessions to listen to comments and ideas, share information, and create ongoing dialog. Because we cultivate relationships with county and state officials, we can quickly engage important resources to help mitigate critical circumstances such as pandemic relief and recent flooding. Climate change will continue to bring challenges to our city, and we are working toward proactive measures, green initiatives, and stormwater management to protect our assets. Our success in obtaining a 20 million dollar Boardwalk Preservation Grant will ensure that our historic venues will be open and available for community engagement.  We love Asbury Park,  and with your support we will continue to show up and do our best.”

“Asbury Park is lucky that Amy Quinn, Yvonne Clayton, and Eileen Chapman are willing to keep serving our city,” said Mayor John Moor. “Good judgment and common sense are the key qualifications for this job, and these three individuals have an abundance of both. They are compassionate listeners and hard working, and always place the public interest first.” 

“These three women have done so much to promote public art in collaboration with the Asbury Park Arts Council,” said Jenn Hampton of Parlor Gallery. “Their adoption with public input of an Arts & Culture Plan into the Master Plan was visionary and will be an ongoing legacy to the city. We are proud to host their kick-off event at the gallery on Friday, April 5th at 7 pm.”

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