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Asbury Together Confirms Moor/Kendle Ticket


Mayor John Moor and Councilman Jesse Kendle announced they will be seeking four-year terms in the November 8th Asbury Park election. Both were elected in 2014 and reelected in 2018 and will be running again as the ASBURY TOGETHER ticket. 

Councilman Jesse Kendle and Mayor John Moor

Moor said about his most recent term as mayor, “While all years and terms of service are challenging for many reasons, this term was exceptionally challenging.  One of the biggest challenges was when Covid-19 hit the country in March 2020. The City declared an emergency and initiated action which shut businesses early and took other precautionary measures before the state of New Jersey took similar action.”

Reverend David J. Parreott Jr. said,” The leadership of the City was monitoring what was happening and did the right thing which took guts and showed real leadership in trying to get out in front of the pandemic. I have known Jesse and John for decades while as a Police Officer and a Councilmember and they are 2 excellent long-time residents who I am endorsing and asking all to do the same.” 

Moor and Kendle said the City was able to get through the Covid-19 outbreak without a reduction in City Services to its residents. Besides providing money for rental assistance, home repairs, and heat, the City also distributed masks and sanitizer to all residents while also providing many with food. Moor said one of his proudest and happiest days was March 13, 2021, when three entities, the City, County, and Second Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Semaj Vanzant Sr., joined together to start giving vaccinations to City residents on Saturdays at Second Baptist Church.

Other accomplishments they are proud of are: 

  • Stabilizing the Municipal tax rate which resulted in the City’s Moody’s ratings going from A1 to A2
  • Hiring additional staff for the Social Services Department and increasing its budget
  • Working together with Preferred Behavioral Health to provide more assistance to our residents  
  • Increasing the City’s recreation budget by 100k. Asbury Park Little League President Will Wright, who is supporting the Asbury Together Team, said, “John and Jesse have always supported Little League, and adding more money to the youth of the City is fantastic.”
  • Being part of the Participatory Budget process, which will allow the residents’ ages 14 and up to decide what projects or programs should be added to their City. 
  • Continuing to do more work on the City’s infrastructure.  During this term, 13 road projects were finished, being worked on, or upcoming. That represents 24,100 linear feet or 4.56 miles of the City’s streets, 13% overall. These streets are being totally renovated with new sewer lines (replacing 100-year-old leaking and costly terra cotta lines) new curbs, new drainage, and new asphalt.
  • Helping to restart the UEZ program with 526K.

Former City Deputy Mayor and lifelong resident Jimmy Bruno said, “What is listed is the tip of the iceberg, keep the train on the tracks, what you have now is proven leadership.”

Both Moor and Kendle praised Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn, Councilwoman Yvonne Clayton, and Councilwoman Eileen Chapman for their work on all these issues. Quinn, Clayton, and Chapman are supporting John and Jesse’s re-election.

The Asbury Together ticket also officially launched its campaign website today, If you have an interest in hosting or attending a campaign kick-off event in the future, please contact the Asbury Together campaign at  And please feel free to contact them for more information or to donate by mail or using one of their online resources below:

Asbury Together                                       Website:

PO Box 784                                              Email:  

Asbury Park, N.J. 07712                          Facebook:


Phone 732-988-7915

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