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Host an Event

There are a number of events that you can get our help with!

“Meet the Candidate” Night

One effective way to expose your coalition members to our candidates is to host a “Meet the Candidate” night. This event also provides us an opportunity to learn about issues that are critical to your community.

Walk Your Block with Us

We would love to meet the people in your neighborhood. Let us know a time and date that is good for you and we can makes plans to walk your block and get to know your neighbors.

Voter Registration Drive

Voter registration drives are an effective tool for getting involved in the political process.

Host a Fundraiser

You’ve met us, you agree with us, you want to help? Running for public office is an expensive proposition and we need the help of supporters in our community to get elected. If you would like to host a fundraiser, we will help you organize it! (or just show up at the time you want us to. Whichever.)

Contact us to discuss what type of event you would like to host. Thanks!